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31st August 2019, 14:38

Registration is now open


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Thank you very much Kuching Marathon make me as Top Fan Badge

Next year gik

Registered. Thanks for opening one day earlier than last year!

Thanks KM19 for the Top Fan badge & new FM pb after work hard & self effort. I will promise to give new pb again & try my best for next year KM.

How to register the great Borneo Series

Thank you KuMar 2019. I had registered as one of the runner

RM 100 = one less cup of kopitiam coffee every week for 50 weeks and to exchange that for some challenge that needs time and effort to meet which at the same time will help to promote active living to run at least one marathon distance per week till August 16, 2020. So it is still worth it, I think.

Any rebate for returning participants?

Dear Organiser, how about Great Borneo Series? How to register?

When is volunteer starts register

Admin, no due date for registration right?

Dah buka ler Nur Fasiha 🀣

Price increase make sure event quality increase also la

no more 5km??

Hai Marathon, how I can register for GBS 2020?

How many slot


rm100. hrp ada free payung pke berekot ari ujan

Until when registration tok?

Aiyoooo.... Why price increase?

When will early bird registration ends ?

Early bird untill???

Mohd Jawahir Dot Dotty Cylestine Liom Eliam Richard Charles bahh reg gik πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


Rm100 😡

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30th August 2019, 12:29



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Looking forward to running KM2020 again rain or shine!

Norhafizah Sam

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30th August 2019, 12:28



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Harap kali ini tidak terlepas pandang rugi gilak tahun tok sik Join

When can we register for the 21 km KUMAR 2020?

Woww ada pic Wilfred Chok oh Wenceslous Ritche πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

When 2020 open register?

Mana ooo

C u soon KM 2020

Robert Billy Watt Menuan Enyukgaung jom repeat gik. Hihihi..

Farah Wadel half marathon this time

Ni Made Suzie Cat

Vinses Saxobeat Masri Usan Menuan Enyukgaung Lenard Jewol

Cahaya Neon dah keluar tarikh kuching marathon

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26th August 2019, 23:56

KM2019 - Album 10 ...

26th August 2019, 23:49

KM2019 - Album 9 ...

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