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29th May 2020, 12:51

Cancellation of Kuching Marathon 2020 (KM2020)

In the best interest of all stakeholdersโ€™ concern at this time of so much surrounding uncertainties brought by the covid-19 global pandemic, with very heavy heart we regretfully announce the cancellation of Kuching Marathon 2020 (KM2020) which was scheduled on 16 August 2020 as the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, officials from Sarawak Government, sponsors, partners, service providers, Police, Malaysian Army, Rela, DBKU, MBKS, medic team consists of Sarawak State Health Department, Sarawak General Hospital, Military Medic, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Angkatan Pertahanan Awam, St. John Ambulance and Malaysian Red Crescent Society are our top priority.

All registered participants of KM2020 in the categories of Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10KM run will have their registration automatically deferred to Kuching Marathon 2021 (KM2021) which will take place on 8 August 2021. All Full Marathon participants of KM2020 registered via GBS2020 online registration portal will also have their registration automatically deferred to KM2021.

We are unable to accommodate any request for refund but when KM2021 is open for online registration, participant will be allowed to transfer registration should you not be able to take part in KM2021. Participant will also be allowed to upgrade category (by topping up the differential sum between the two different categories) or downgrade category (with no refund of the differential sum) and change of other details.

In the event that the organising of GBS2021 is confirmed by GBS partners, the Full Marathon participants of KM2020 will be allowed to upgrade to GBS2021 by topping up the differential sum.

Thank you for your great understanding and support and we look forward to seeing you on 8-8-2021. Stay Safe !

Stay tune with our Facebook for further updates.

For any query, please email to


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Thank you

Anyone yg dah beli flight tix? How to get refund ya?

Raani Emmaculate Labansing

Good decision in the interest of ALL... stay safe...see you next year!

Thanks for the official announcement since we already expected the outcome of the event. It's tough for everybody but then public health is no. 1 priority at the moment. In 2021 we shall see each other..

Ya, good early decision. Hope to see all runners next year

Finally I got Official announcement for KM 2020. Although I already bought return flight ticket, Yogyakarta-KL-Kuching. Safety is first priority. Hope to see you at KM 2021 next year. Stay healthy and always happy.

Thank you Kuching Marathon. ๐Ÿ™ #staysafe

Alhamdulillah. Good decisions by KM organisers. See you next year.

See you next year ๐Ÿ‘

see you next year...2021๐Ÿ’ช

No refund..jadi no need to fill any fotm or send email to KM2020 lh ni..just carry on..

Thanks for the early confirmation. Now I can rearrange my leaves and cancel it back! See ya in 2021!

See you next year...,๐Ÿค

Thank u KM2020. Jumpa tahun depanโ™ฅ๏ธ

it's for the best really. hope everything is okay next year

No refund option?

Can I register in 2021 for the KUMAR21?

how about if for those can't take part on 2021? the registration fee will be burst like that?


Will we receive any confirmation email on the defer for the program?

How do we transfer to next year race? Keep this year registration?


See you guys next year !!!


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27th April 2020, 13:10

Sin Chew Daily 24 April 2020 ...

Sin Chew Daily 24 April 2020


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Bro, ไธ่ฆ็Žฉ๏ผ

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16th March 2020, 14:06

KM2020 portal has been suspended for online registration since 14-3-2020 until further notice.

At this point of time, we cannot confirm whether or not KM2020 will proceed on 16-8-2020.

We are closely monitoring the development and keeping close contact with Sports Commissioner and Health authorities. Stay tune for more updates.


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2020 is out of the question. Do like what SCKLM does for the safety of everyone...dont take it for granted even MCO is lifted.. remember no vaccinnes yet! Thank u..๐Ÿ™โค

I saw the news the Government will not allow any large gathering / event for the next 6 months. Will the organizers cancel this event and refund us our money?

When can give confirmation on cancellation?? Some of us need to arrange for flight/ accomodation etc though I rather postpone and bring my reg to 2021.

I emailed request for a refund but no reply,full refund please,pandemic virus is no joke.

Confirm it by noww !!!


Prince Sha Rix

hai. jadi kah tidak

Nane Chietam

Cancelled the event. Bring forward those who registered to 2021.

If possible confirm early ya, hotel booked and flight tickets already booked.

I think runners safety and priority is more important than anything.

Dont cancel. Postpone please

Done postponed n cancelled ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Pls don't cancel it ๐Ÿ™

Pls don't cancel it..๐Ÿ™

Don't cancel the run Road.....

Kalau cancel next times kita tidak mau join lagi

Forward to 2021

Don't cancel...all be okay ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

Noted .

jgn cancel ja

Latifah Zaini

easther Koupusan


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14th March 2020, 17:48

KM2020 โ€“ UPDATE : 14 March 2020

Hi, everyone,

Itโ€™s timely for the organisers of Kuching Marathon 2020 to provide an update on the status of KM2020 out of concerns over COVID-19.

With 22 weeks to go, the organisers are closely following up the development of the outbreaks and evaluating its impact on the event before making decision on whether the event will proceed on schedule on original date i.e. 16 August 2020 or to be postponed or to be cancelled.

We will take timely approach in making a decision which will best serve the needs and interests of all stakeholders bearing in mind that the safety and well-being of everyone including runners, officials, volunteers and spectators is our top priority.

We appreciate your patience, continuous understanding and support during this period of uncertainty.

Note: KM2020 portal is suspended for online registration for the time being until further notice.



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Hope organisers postponed this event, we have booked our air ticket and hotel thanks....

Notice is highly appreciated though haven't gotten to register. Am hoping that the event will still commence in safer circumstance in future.

Thankyou for the update and for being proactive about this.

Thank Km..we hope everything is ok ..and we runnee happy

Thank you for the info...really appreciated it

Thanks KM for the update..

Good organizer. Always keep us updated.


Thanks KM2020..for the update๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Any update? Kindly advise ASAP so that we can reschedule our flight & hotel

Lmbt lg. Xpe byk masa lg bole announce. Tgu sbln lg nk event bru bgtau ye

Please Postpone

Jangan batalkan macam Miri Marathon kami mahu postponed sahaja lagi baik bosskur

pls jgn cancel.. postponed oklah๐Ÿ˜”

Echam Riley, James Daransun Ginaung, Remyson James Ramian RJ Mike Mike Zeref Basit Christopher Koh Dony Bulang

Andrew Wong

Farisha Arifin

Klu cancel So yg gbs mcm mna.?

Aliffa Rafini Abdullah

Miri Marathon Association FYI

Elvin Demphy Selin

Unggik Nelus

Sa sdh beli tiket pergi balik kk..kuching..hotel mariot sdh tempah...huhu

Afifah Lee

Wei Ting Yien Ngiik Ting Wei Pin Clement Ngu

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