Kuching Marathon

1 October 2023

See you at Padang Merdeka!

About KM2022

Be a part of the annual Kuching Marathon (KM), an international affair that takes runners through an illuminating run through Kuching city’s rich cultural and colonial history expressed in its unique architectural buildings and landmarks couched in natural surroundings.

Kuching Marathon 2022 (KM2022) is a road race competition which consists of Kuching full marathon of 42KM (measured to international standard of 42.195KM), Kuching half marathon of 21KM, Kuching 10KM Run and Kuching 5KM Run respectively. As the 7th edition of Kuching Marathon which was inaugurated on 17 August 2014, KM2022 is an international road race recognized by Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) as listed in AIMS Race Calendar at http://aims-worldrunning.org